TUESDAY THOUGHTS: Starting out little?

Dear entrepreneur, it’s okay to accommodate the thoughts of large deals, the huge contracts, having personal assistants and all that there is with so much frisson.It is well encouraged to see yourself beyond your starting point but I must say “Be willing to go through the process”

Don’t be scared to start little, it’s one way you reorient yourself into steady growth.

Some persons would rather jettison potential ideas because of the phobia of starting out little. Don’t be that person no more!

While you are just starting;

—Accept the small deals
—Give in your best efforts
—Expect more
—Review areas of strength and weaknesses
—Implement new ideas
—Follow people whose floors are higher than your ceiling ( Steve Harris)

Doing the above prods you forward on the ladder of success.

It is in growing that you can understand the “why” of so many happenings in your field..

To your diligence, add patience!

Don’t jump out of that business/idea because you haven’t seen it happening big. You are not you plus your current ordeals/contracts, you are you plus your diligence and steadfastness.

Cheers to your growth!



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