[Video] AKUBIG As He Is Called, Clarifies Himself From The Trending Video and Message Of Him As An Armed robber And A Bad Person

He is popularly known as AKUBIG from the eastern part of Nigeria.

A voice message has been circulating with the picture of him attached to it, the voice message state that he is from Abia State, that he torture and destroy young Nigerian men in Pakistani.

Another video going viral with the same young man picture is that he was an armed robber that was caught and executed.

AKUBIG as he is called clarified himself in this 2m 44sec video According to him,

He said his name is not Akumoney or any other Aku, that he is Akubig, that he is from Nkpor which is in Anambra State not Abia State.

He said, that he is aware of the voice message that was meant for someone easy, that has his picture tag to it,

That instead of people to go look for job, to see if God will bless them they are busy blackmailing people online.

That he has not been to Pakistani,
that Malaysia is were he does his business and God is blessing him.

Watch video below:

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