6 Best Ways To Make Your Earpiece Last Long

After an earphone is out from its packaging, maintaining it is usually what many do not put into consideration. But they also don’t want to keep replacing damaged earpiece every now and then.
So this post gives you a guide on how to increase the shelf life of your music buddy.

Fold in the circular form: Don’t just squeeze the poor thing into your pocket. Spare some seconds to fold the wire into a circular form. You can do this by rolling the wire around three or four of your fingers depending on the size you want to get.

Never ever make knots on the wire: It’s weird to find out that some people just like making knots on their earpiece. However, what they don’t know is that this puts a strain on the inner wire which cause it to break. And once this happens the gadget is damaged and no longer useful.

Don’t drag it when it’s stuck: It could happen that this gadget given its rope-like nature gets tangled with itself or some other things, but we shouldn’t just drag it out, no. Instead, take care to trace the entanglement and loosen it.

Take care of it by cleaning it: This may seem uncalled for but know that you’re not just doing for your earpiece but for yourself as well. This is especially for those who make use of the rubber lobe type of earpiece. You sure don’t want those dirt flying right back into your ears and you also don’t want it looking like it just came out of a dirt pile.

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Special spot: Whenever your earpiece is not in use, always keep it at a special spot. You can hang it on the wall or fold it in circles and place on a clean surface. You can always pick it up from there any time.

Avoid Sharing: It’s true that sharing is caring but sometimes we don’t know how well the person we give our earpiece to is going to handle it. So, it’s best to keep it personal.

Try these out and see the magic!

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