What Is Online Magazine And How Does It Work?

You want to know what an online magazine is, and how it works, right?

Ok, sit down, and relax let me share with you some things about online magazine.

In this post we’ll look at what online magazine is, the platform, tools used, its distribution, promotion and monetization.

What is online magazine?

Online magazine also known as digital magazine is a form of magazine that is issued via internet and through digital means. Online magazines share the same format with print magazine, which could be called traditional magazine, the only difference is how it’s distributed.

While traditional magazines are distributed as print copies, online magazines make use of internet and digital tools for its distribution.

The platform, tools and distribution of Online magazine

Online magazine can be similar to information or news website, the same tools and approach that are used in creating information or news site can be used to create an online magazine. The differences between online magazine and information or news site varies in terms of online magazine’s concentration on a nich, the varities of ways in which readers receive its regular issues and the commitment of the editorial team towards providing high quality and reliable contents in forms of post, researchs, interviews and round table discussions.

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Format and Delivery

Online magazine can function like a regular website, but with a web framework that allow contents to be displayed in sections. There are tools that can also be used to restrict access to regular issues, only allowing subscriber based to have access to magazine content, there are also platforms where online magazine are hosted, serving like a bookstore where readers can go and purchase (subscriber) to their favourite issues. Tools like emails are also used to deliver online magazine to its subscribers.

Online magazines can also be packaged like a traditional magazines, flipping of pages, but a digital format. Online magazine issuer can provide digital reproduction of its print magazine (flash version) using online tools and services that are available.

Promoting online magazine

The same approach that are used to promote print magazine and news or information site can also be used to promote an online magazine. It involves using every marketing means or tools available to reach and inform people the online magazine’s publications including means of accessing the online magazine.

Online magazine monetization

The same strategies that are used in making money from traditional magazine are also used for online magazine, which include paid ads, sponsorship post, etc. Another common way online magazines make money is through subscription, a situation where a reader subscribe either in monthly or yearly bases to receive the magazine’s issues through digital means.

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These are some of the things about online magazine. If you have any questions please free to ask on the comments section.

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