7 Productive Things You Can Do During Lock Down

It’s no more news that the world is going through an epidemic caused by Coronavirus, COVID19 specifically. And one of the measures governments are using to fight this virus is to lock down cities that are more likely to experience a widespread if people keep to their daily activities.

Lockdown is actually one strategy every nation is deploying to fight this deadly virus. While the story might be different when it comes to Nigeria, I believe lockdown is actually the right measure to take in fighting this virus.

I understand that this lockdown will have different implications for different people, but if you fall into the category of people who have the resources to stay at home for two weeks, I want to share with you 7 productive things you can do during this period.

1. Read Books

One of the excuses most people give for not reading books is not having the time and in most cases, it’s understandable because of the hectic activities people go through on a daily basis.

This excuse doesn’t stand anymore, you now have enough time for yourself that you even get bored of using your daily time.

This is not the right time to spend your time and data online watching memes or listening to people that rejoice in using every given opportunity to spread negativity.

This is the right time to read good books that will build your mindset and widen your perceptive about life.

Books that will help you build your relationships, maintain good health, build your career, business or spirituality.

Use this period for personal development.

If you are looking for where to find good and interesting books to read, head over to pdfdrive.com You will find free downloadable books in pdf format.

2. Learn skills

What economic experts are sure of is that this pandemic is going to affect the world economy. A lot of things will change and more often, changes come with opportunities. The question is, how are you preparing for life after this pandemic.

This is the right time to sharpen your tools (skillset) and get ready to secure your position in the market place once this is over.

This is the right time to take those courses and learn those skills that you have been procrastinating for long. You don’t have any excuse now; you can use free resources from platforms like YouTube or blogs online; sign up for that course learn the skills that will make you more valuable in the market place.

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3. Build your business online

Like I always say, we are living in a two-dimensional world; while you have been restricted from the real world, the online world is still open.

This is the right time to start thinking of how to leverage digital tools and resources to optimize and maximize your business online. It’s also the right time to study and discover business opportunities that you can exploit.

4. Connect with old friends


Friendship gives more happiness and meaning to life.

They widen our perceptive and enhances our life only if we learn how to nurture and grow them.

The challenge with building friendships is that, along the journey, we get stuck in so many activities that we barely have time to connect with friends.

Seize the opportunity of this lockdown to connect with your friends that you haven’t spoken to for a long time.

Shoot them a DM online, call them on phone, send them messages, reconnect with them and enjoy some dose of old-time stories.

5. Daily Affirm good things in your life

There is a saying that, ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ Don’t leave your mind open to negative vibe during this lockdown. Use daily affirmations to guide your mind because it’s from there life after this pandemic will flow from.

Affirmation helps you become more optimistic towards life, which in turn helps you develop the kind of mindset needed to scale through difficult times like this.

Create a daily affirmation and don’t skip a day without affirming good things in your life. You can look for free affirmation apps on various app stores that can help you implement this.

If you are an android user check this free Daily Affirmation app on playstore.

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6. Connect with your spirituality

This is also a period to study, reflect and connect with your spirituality, your higher self, God, the universe or whatever you identify with.

This is also the period to seek and find your life’s purpose.

Reconnecting might actually be the essence of this pandemic. There have been too much hatred, fighting and competition in the world; maybe the universe is trying to tell us to reconnect with ourself, friends, family in other to connect with him.

This is a period to discover yourself.

7. Pray

And lastly, pray.

Pray for the world, pray for the people who are risking their lives to fight this deadly virus. Being locked down at home and hoping that everything gets better is a different life situation to working day and night in the hospital, or in other ways helping to fight this virus.

If you are among the set of people in the former a prayer can serve.

Say a few words of prayer for the world and the people working effortlessly to contain this virus.

Final words.

Whatever that might be said during this lock down, let it not be that you are bored or unproductive. As you can see there are lots of fruitful activities you can engage in during this period. Get started and be productive during this lockdown.

What is your daily routine like during this period? Share with us in the comments below.

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Emmanuel Onyewuchi is a Writer, Digital Marketer, Consultant, Trainer, Founder Digitaltopnotch Academy, Blogger @ digitaltopnotch.com. He is also the guy that want kindness, love and peace to go viral, if he is not writing or creating training and courses he is probably watching soccer, reading, learning or travelling.