Maintaining Relationships After Graduation

Keeping up with our school friends is usually one of the toughest things to do after graduation, especially when we all toll different paths.

A lot of people have had a very good, healthy and loving relationship but when they separate the bond that once joined them, it seems to whither little by little. No wonder it is said, ‘out of sight is out of mind.’

Some could be out of sheer negligence. And others could be unintentional.

After graduating from school, all that we think about is finding a job, becoming an entrepreneur and for some people, getting married and building a home becomes their priority.

No one remembers their school sweetheart or best friend. Even when they do, they are too busy to call – at least that’s the excuse. And with the passage of time, the sweet friendship loses its life because both parties didn’t water it.

There are times when one of the parties involved puts in the effort to continue but the other is not forthcoming, so they give up. It takes two to tango, remember. No one likes to be unwanted. Truth be told, it’s heartbreaking.

There are a lot of people who would say, ‘I had so many friends while in school, so who would I call and leave the other?’ You can call them all. Yes, you can. If you had their numbers and you called while in school, you can always call when out of school. We can if we want to.

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There’s always this feeling of being loved when someone unexpectedly calls you. That feeling that you’re in someone else’s thoughts. It’s always special.

The social media are there. All you need to do is use your keypad and type. ‘Hello girlfriend/boyfriend, how are you doing?’ This is more than enough for happiness to find its way to a soul that feels forgotten.

Our phones come with calendars and reminders – no matter the type you’re using. Create reminders so you can remember to call those you’ve separated from because life happened.

It may seem lame, but we all know that in the hustling and bustling of things, we forget a lot of people and a lot of things. If you have a very long list, divide it and create reminders for each division.

You mustn’t reach out to them all in a day, week or a month. Make it flexible enough to suit your own schedule every year.

There are lots of talks about distancing yourself from certain friends, but sometimes it’s these same bad energies that made you want to rise above all obstacles and distractions. If not you might still be in your comfort zone not knowing what you are capable of doing.

Somehow they also contributed to your growth. So, a thank you to them for throwing stones at you which you’ve used as stepping stones to reach the height you’re in wouldn’t be bad, would it?

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In all, don’t blame technology for forgetting those you once cherished because it never asked you to do so.

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