Money Talks in Relationships: About Spending Money On A Partner  

Understanding is one of the building blocks to happy and strong relationships, but even if this becomes fact, people will still have different perception about understanding in relationships.

But, understanding is very important when it comes to the issue of spending monetary value on a partner.

I know this might draw a lot of controversies, my motion here is, if you have the resources, it’s reasonable to, “spending much on a partner in a relationship that is founded on care and love”

Now, to be able to understand my motion on the aspects of spending Monetary Value on a partner, we need to understand the concept of giving, especially in relationships. Giving in relationships is not a one way thing, and it’s also not all about monetary value.


Giving in relationships, include giving your time, attention, gift, physical support, emotional support and also monetary value. These things are what when add up makes someone feel cared for and loved.

Talking about spending (which in this case might be in giving monetary value) on a partner, this issue should be judged based on whether the two parties love and care for each another.

In a relationship where love exists between two persons, and they both care for each other, the topic of spending on a partner will not have a base.

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If care and love exists in a relationship both partners can learn how to adjust their personal interest to support each other.

The topic spending on a partner will always be determined by the foundation of the relationships.

If the foundation is built with, (good substance of relationship,) if both partner have defined love for themselves, understanding remains one of the most important virtues to building viable relationships.

If you are in relationship and someone who doesn’t care needs your help, it will be always difficult to make the sacrifice, because spending for someone who doesn’t care much about you for some people will always make them feeling cheated, some won’t try it.

Also, Knowing that monetary value is a kind of giving, if both partner understand the nature of giving in relationships, they can also capitalise on that, by understand what they could give back to their partner In a way to pay back for the monetary value they have received.

Giving in relationships should always be 50/50, any of the partner strength is the other partner refuge during challenging times in their growth journey.

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