6 Attributes Of Top Performing Athletes That Are Rarely Talked About.

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the kind of luxury some top performing Athletes enjoy, the private jet, six star hotels, exotic cars etc.

Some times I even doubt if their lifestyle is real, they make money look like it’s picked on floor or plucked on trees.

It’s easy to stand afar enviously looking at this people and admire what they have achieved, but what is difficult is to look at the deciplines that always get them to where they are.

I was able to decipline myself recently to dig into the life’s of few of the great athletes of our time to find out some of the attributes that has brought then the level of success they enjoy.

Here’s what I found:

1. They know what they want from onset

When you examine some of the top performing athletes around you one common attributes you will find is that from the onset they know what they want.

They have a clear picture of where they want to be. They might not real know the hight they will attain but from the onset they know they want to be at the top.

Most of them from their childhood have always seen themselves at the top. They just hold that vision in their mind and go about doing what they can to get there.

2. They are committed to what they want

These people are not day dreamer, they are day works.

Some of this Athletes have committed to a single course for almost all their life.

We may say they are lucky to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right skills, which might be true, but one thing you can’t take away from some of this guys is that they are committed to process of getting to the top.

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They spend most of there time training in the court, playing in the field, running in the track or beach.

They didn’t just find what they want and go about doing another thing, they find what they want and commit to it, for years they stayed committed to the course.

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3. They push their limits

The top performing athletes out there didn’t just aim to be average, they aim to be best in their game, they do the extraordinary things that most people aren’t welling to do, they push their limits, they do more than what other people are doing.

I have watch Messi and Ronaldo take extra kick after training, just to improve their performance.

There are videos online showing Ronaldo coming early to training than his follow teammates just to have a special training before the regular training session.

Also a documentary has shown Michael Jordan taking hundreds of shot during his lowest point in his career just improve.

One common attributes about top performing athletes is that they push their limits either mentally or physically, either in the gym or on the field.

4. They nurture good relationships

This people understand the important of good relationships in the achievement of their goals.

Image from pexel.com

They understand that they can’t do it all only. They know they need the coach, their teammates, their agent, their fans, etc to achieve their goals.

They understand the impact of good relationships human life’s.

5. They know they need to keep learning

Top performing Athletes know the important of continuous improvement. They know that they need to keep improving their skills. They don’t just dwell on the skill they had last year or ten years ago.

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They understand the changing nature of the world and the game they play. They understand that change is constant, that what works last year might not work today.

They understand that to keep performing at the top level they need to keep improving, keep learning and inventing new ways around their game.

6. They don’t get carried away by their success

One other common attributes of these top performing athletes is that they don’t get carried away by their success.

They don’t say because I’m at the top I don’t need to learn, or I don’t need to push my limits, or I don’t need the relationships, etc.

They understand the fact that if they don’t continue the momentum that brought them to the top, they might not stand the chance to stay at the top, at least not too long.

The attributes and disciplines these guys possess are valuable and worthy of imitation in some areas of our life. We don’t have to drag position with these top performing athletes, but we can learn one or two disciplines from them which can be valuable to us as we lead our own life.

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