TUESDAY THOUGHTS: Going Back, Not an Option!

Dear You,

I understand that things may not be working out as you’ve envisioned..

The calls, sponsorships, Contracts and their cohort aren’t trooping in as expected and so we berate ourselves for starting up that idea in the first place.

Some persons were all excited about what they started until months into that execution and they just want to run back to ab initio of nothingness.

I’ve learnt to inveterate on what the song writer says “Your latter shall be greater than your past “

How about we allow ourselves experience this latter?

Going back on the things you really want to achieve is to say that you don’t believe there’s a glory ahead

Everyday is an opportunity to keep pressing forward..

If for any reason, you want to look back, it should be for the particular reason of appreciating how far you’ve gone.

Your today is the past you’d look back to and either be grateful or resentful.

I’m convinced that one attitude one must possess to win is the attitude of “I just want to see what is ahead”

Remain focused and undaunted!

There’s so much you can achieve..

Cheers to your growth!

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