Literally  your YARDSTICK should be the stick in your yard but it triggers a sense of truth in a way.
I’ve seen tons of people discern their growth by the worth of other people.
I understand that these persons you’ve placed as a YARDSTICK in your growth game are making so much progress but the truth is you only have a limited information about them.
Now I’m not about to elucidate you on the ifs or buts about their perceived growth.
But if you can find the time to ruminate on how a person is progressing then you sure have the time to improve yourself.
Don’t be caught judging your growth by other people’s apparent reality. 
Own your reality!
The challenge is to accomplish your assignment and not lose your identity.
Remain focused and stop the comparison!
Growth is not a product of wishes and comparison.  It is a process finding its base in Intentionality.
Cheers to your growth!
© Uwalaka Charity
# Charikent
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