Top 5 Online Businesses To Do With Little Or No Capital in Nigeria 

Online Business is the new face of business activities in the world. It’s a model of business that cannot be ignored in this digital world we live in.

If you are one of those who like seizing opportunities, who like getting onboard on a trend when the doorway is still less crowded, here are…

…TOP 5 Online Business opportunities you can explore with little or no capital.

Selling on jumia

I would have tipped that you sell online, but selling online is a broader activity. I want to be specific here, so, sell on Jumia.

While selling online in general might  require lots of skills and know-how of techniques, selling on jumia is simple and easy to do. Jumia has all the resources needed to help anyone run a successful business online, all you need to do is get an appealing product to sell and allow Jumia take a little cut for their services, which definitely you will cover from your profits.

Social media manager

If you have the know-how of social media, it’s a big business advantage for you; you can sell your services.

Many people are not too familiar with the twit and tweak digital world we live in today, but some of these people know that as an individual or business they need to be where people are, so they know they need to explore the platforms where people always spend time on. That is what makes the business idea of becoming a social media manager viable.

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A business structure can be built by managing social media for people who do not know how or those who have less time to manage their social media.

Social media consulting

If you don’t like to get into the task of writing, posting, promoting and evaluating social media accounts for people (social media manager), you can work as a consultant.

If you know how to get results from social media, you can show people the way to duplicate results and earn a fee for that – just by selling results.


Affiliate is one of the easiest kind of business anyone can do. The only challenge here, is learning how to do it right to get good results.

Affiliation business involves that you direct people to products or services through a link, which you get a cut when someone buys through your link.

It’s all about recommending stuffs to people and getting a cut for doing that. There are lots of businesses that offer products and services, who are willing to pay you for recommending your friends, family and neighbours to their products and services.

Courses and Tutoring

What are you passionate about?

Fashion designing? Baking? Make-up? Healthy living? If you have a level of knowledge and understanding about something, you can help others improve their lives by offering online classes. You can create downloadable instructional and educational articles, audios, videos or schedule real-time video call lessons with clients.

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All you need is to know the required tools you need to create and distribute your courses using available tools online.

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