Morality, The Hope For The Future


More often than not, we all wish for a better tomorrow. We pray, and for some religions, they fast, yet things do not seem to be as they have hoped for.


Things have gotten so bad that people are already tired of apportioning blames on whoever it might be that is responsible for their predicaments. All they care about now is on how to cater for their daily needs.


Everyone is looking for a way out. Any means possible is okay. It doesn’t matter if it tarnishes their image. It doesn’t matter if it makes them fugitives. It doesn’t matter still if it involves the lives of their loved ones or even theirs. Some have been said to have sold their souls to the devil – whatever that means. All these for a better tomorrow.


We have at a point in time blamed civilization for our problems. But people have come to understand that civilization doesn’t force you to do anything, that whatever you do is a matter of choice made by you and you alone. The choice to engage in any form of social vices including internet scam or the choice to be an entrepreneur is all but ones own decision and nothing more.


However, what many people have failed to accept is that every little thing they do (good or bad) affects humanity and all its accompanying components.


Morality, which is a core component of human existence has been relegated to the background. We now think it is too little a thing to be put into consideration when taking decisions – but mind you it is one of those things that seem little but really matters.


Our regard for morals is on the low due to hardship. Unfortunately, any society that has lost its morals is heading for doom.



If we do a retrospect and compare it with today, we’ll discover that this generation is plagued by a high level of moral decadence.


The vices now are not just about armed robbery and prostitution. We are talking about the high level of sophisticated scams – the internet being a major instrument.


People have become money doublers; pay this to get double the amount in 24 hours they’ll say, only for you to be disappointed few minutes to your own turn.


But hell! How can people be fooled to believe that they can make money without working for it?


Yes, you have put in money (investment they call it). Have you for once wondered the kind of investment your money is put into to yield twice the amount in 24 hours (it’s none of your business, right?). But at least you must have given a thought to what happens to those whose monies get stuck down the line.


Funnily enough, some people know that these so called investments will come crashing in no time, yet they are willing to robe-in their friends just to get their own money plus bonuses.


Ever been in a commercial bus and heard a passenger on the phone? “My dear I have received o. Yes o.” Then ” No o, I’m not the one that is supposed to pay you. Hian! I don’t know how they’ll do it o. I have received my own shaa. And that is it. The other person is left to wallow in the pains of possibly being duped.


Greed, we want more at the expense of another. That moral consciousness of thinking about how your actions affects the next person is all gone.

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Even those who claim to love each other only fool themselves because when the material attachments are taken away, the love dies.


Do we talk about the market place where it is easier for a carmel to pass through the needle’s eye than for you to get original products.


The most disheartening is that of the health sector. Everybody wants to live, nobody wants to die, yet there are those who are willing instruments in the hands of death. They flood the market with all kinds of fake drugs. People buy them expecting to get better, instead they die. You’ll shed tears when you hear stories that come from this.


We need to go back to the basics – morals. We have to do the right thing regardless of circumstances. We cannot blame civilization or technology because on their own they can do nothing to us, but what we do with them is what affects us.


We need to create a world where people put their neighbours in mind when trying to buy that noisy generator. We need to create a world where those who live upstairs remember that there are others who live beneath and not litter the whole compound. We need a world where people help others because they can and not because of what they think they’ll gain from them. We need a world where people are not ruled by the get rich quick syndrome, but are convinced and contented with the fact that smart hard work and determination still pays. We need a world where Mr. A is sincerely happy about Mr. B’s success. A better future starts with these little things.


Hopefully, many are still optimistic that the future stands a chance to get better.

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