No February, No Love?

Have you ever thought of a year without February? Or how boring it could be if it were omitted from the calendar? Have you ever thought about the month without love crossing your mind?

Oh yes, February is practically the only month of the year many people remember to show love. A friend once said, ‘February is the pedagogue of love’.

From the very first day, people are already anxiously waiting for Valentine’s Day. You’ll hear questions like, ‘Who will be my Val and Will you be my Val?’ This makes one to wonder what happened to love in the other months of the year. Did it die only to resurrect on 14th February? How did this day metamorphose piercing through the nooks and crannies of the world? Even couples wait until Valentine’s Day to appreciate each other.

Well, who knows? Probably February is the only reason why we are all still alive; without love acrimony is sure to envelope the world and you know what that means.

Love is the only feeling unanimously celebrated round the world. All thanks to one man, Saint Valentine of Rome.

A popular story of a priest in the 3rd century who strongly believed in love. Then, due to shortage of men in the army, young men were forcefully recruited to go for wars and not allowed to get married (only marriage could save them from going to war). Seeing the pains this caused to love birds, he secretly wedded couples. Meanwhile, the law forbade marriage at that time and a capital punishment by beheading awaits anyone who defaults.

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Valentine knew the law, he knew the risks yet he was willing to pay the ultimate price to make others happy.

This single act of St. Valentine depicts how we ought to love – making sacrifices for others to be happy. Not sex, not embezzlement.

It’s a shame many persons have lost touch with the true essence of love.

Love does not mean self-gratification. It does not mean one night stand for mere papers. Neither does it mean deception just to embezzle someone else’s money – often with the ladies.

*Do people ever wonder what St. Valentine thinks of their actions on the day of his death?*

All in all, the question *now* is, should we all wait till February to remember the existence of love and its practicability?

Let’s all do what’s right and not make a dogma out of them, else it will cause a major breakdown.

Love needs no season and it’s not conditional.

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Joshua Onoja

Joshua Onoja is a student of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), studying Mass Communication. As a journalist in the making, he's passionate about what he does as a blogger, graphics designer, and a singer. He's also a sports enthusiast, video gamer, and an administrator. You can reach him via his social media handles on Facebook and Twitter.