4 Facebook Features That You Can Explore to Maximize Your Presence Online.

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. According to Google playstore there are over 1 billion Facebook app installed in android phones, Apple store and other stores also have huge numbers of Facebook download from their stores. Regardless the huge numbers of downloads from stores; many people also access Facebook through a browser. In aggregate the platform has over billion of user globally.

Many of us use this platform mainly for socializing, which is just one of the various things it can be used for. There are features available for anyone who wishes to explore the large audience in Facebook.

facebook features

Below are three Facebook features you can use to maximize your presence online.

#Facebook Page

Facebook page is one of the features many people don’t really know what it is or how it work. A Facebook page is like an office on Facebook, just as we have office offline where people walk in to know what you are doing. Either you run a business in form of company or buying and selling, or you are a career person, or you are into sports. Whichever, you can open an office to receive people, offer your goods and services or seal deals.

That is what the Facebook page is all about, an office online (in Facebook). It allows you to create an online office with options for different kind of categories in business and profession. The options include local businesses, companies, organizations or institutions, brands or products, artists, bands or public figures, entertainment etc. you can create a page using any of these categories.

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If you are into any sort of business, or you run a company, or you are into any sort of occupation Facebook page is the right tool in Facebook or in social media that you can explore. It’s designed with the right settings and configuration to help you showcase yourself to the world. When you have a page and someone likes your page he or she receives updates of your activities in the timeline.

So, if you are a business owner or a writer, or lawyer, or football, or singer, or a politician, or whatever profession you practice and you don’t have a Facebook page try create one and maximize it’s usefulness.

#Facebook Group

Facebook group is another feature in Facebook. The Facebook group is use to assemble people of similar interests.

Using a really life activities to explain it, it’s like a lecture hall in a school department, where all the people studying the same course gather together to learn. Another example, it’s like a church or a mosque in a city of a town where people who come into it are for the purpose of prayer or meditation.

With Facebook group feature, you can assemble people of similar interests and bring them together to discuss, plan, share news, ideas and opinions together. It’s a platform in Facebook which you can use to create a community of people who have similar interests.

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Unlike Facebook page, Facebook group doesn’t identify a single individual or entity, it identifies the essence of its existence. It can also be managed by group of people just like Facebook page.

#Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a feature that allows users exchange messages with friends.

In the past few years Facebook has focused more on improving their messenger, they have integrated many options like voice call, video call, chat group, and image status and all that. Most of these options are available in app or desktop version of their platform.

You can also explore messenger to establish your presence online.

#Profile Page

This is the most common feature in Facebook, anyone who is on Facebook already has a profile page, it’s  the landing page when you signing up to Facebook. It’s the founding idea of Facebook. A platform where people can get to meet new people from different locations, chat, share pictures and videos etc.

Facebook profile also has the settings for you to provide a brief summary about you, like your name, gender, educational background, your interest and lots more.

Profile page is also a feature in Facebook that gives anyone access to explore the above mentioned features. Meaning, before you can create a Facebook page or a Facebook group or have access to messenger, you will have to have a profile page. You will have to sign up to a profile page.

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