Facebook To Allow Pages To  Participate In Groups

Facebook has announced that it will soon let Pages join and interact in groups. This is something Page owners have not been able to do before now.

Giving Pages direct access to interact on Group pages is part of Facebook’s initiative to bring more brands and advertisers to the Group experience. In July, 2017, Facebook began letting Page owners create Groups connected to their Pages. Last year, it gave a small number of Groups access to the Facebook Pixel, making it possible for brands to monitor their Group content and its impact on traffic and conversions.

Also, Facebook points out, there are a number of Facebook Page types that really stand to benefit from this change. For one, there are actors, musicians, politicians and all other sorts of celebrities and public figures who use Facebook Pages as their main account. Some might not make their personal Facebook profiles public. Others might not even have a personal profile at all.

Facebook is also rolling out new post formatting tools and Group management tools, including a new way to alert members who have violated page rules. Group admins will also be able to filter activity logs by date range and search through membership requests by name.

This is an image showing how it will look like:

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