How To Upgrade MTN Sim To 4G

This article is specific for those who already have MTN sim but don’t have the 4G network coverage, also called LTE, and wish to upgrade.

What is 4G or LTE?

4G or LTE, 4th generation of telecommunications technology or LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a new technology generation of telecommunications after 3G and other lower generations.

4G or LTE offers faster download and upload speeds that can make internet experience enjoyable.
With LTE you can stream music and videos, upload and download faster. You can also use your mobile or tablet internet to enjoy fast internet surfing on other devices through Wi-Fi or cable.

The MTN 4G or LTE doesn’t use separate data plan; it makes use of the current data plan you are used to.

How to know if your device is compatible with MTN 4G or LTE

There are two basic things you need to enjoy MTN 4G network. One is a compatible device and the other is a compitable sim card.

To check if your phone or sim is compatible with 4G or LTE network, “Text 4G to 131”. A reply message will be sent to you, informing you whether or not your phone and sim are compatible. If they are not you will be adviced to get a compatible device or visit MTN store close to you for upgrade.

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MTN 4G network works best on devices that support frequency of Band 7 (2600MHz). If you are buying a new device with the intention of enjoying MTN 4G on it, check the device specification to see if it meets with the MTN 4G requirements.

Things you need to upgrade your MTN sim to 4G.

Note: MTN doesn’t carry out 4G sim upgrade through their customers call services, you need to visit any of their stores nearest to you to do that.

These are what you will need to upgrade from any MTN Lower Generation Networks (… 2G, 3G) to 4th Generation Network.

A national means of Identification

You need to provide any form of national Identification. It can be Driver’s License, Voter’s Card, National ID card or International Passport.

List of 7 numbers you frequently call

You need to provide 7 numbers you frequently call, you can easily get this from your call log.

Your Bio Data

You will also need to provide personal information about yourself, your name, email address, the number you want to upgrade, state of origin, nationality, etc.

Once you have all these information, walk into any MTN store and request for sim upgrade and it will be upgraded and a new sim will be given to you.

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As at the time of writing this artcle the service for upgrading your MTN sim to 4G is free, and your new 4G sim comes with 4 gigabits of free data.

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