Watch Out For These Bus Park Tricks When Travelling

When people recount their experiences at Nigerian bus parks, one cannot help but sympathize with them. Sometimes it is funny to the point of rolling on the floor.

Usually, these bus loaders device ingenious methods in tricking unsuspecting passengers in order to get a full load.

What they do is plant people in the bus who pretend to be passengers. So when the real one comes, they start alighting one after the other.

Unbelievably, some could sit on the bus as long as required only to get N50. Terrible right? But they don’t mind.

Here are some of their tricks. I must say some are annoying, so brace up.

Genuine Passenger

What they do here is to use true passengers to load the bus. This is what happens. When you come to the park to board a bus and ask for the price, they will tell you the price. And if you bargain with them for a lesser price, they would agree to your price.

So when the bus is almost full, they will ask those who paid less to come down and join the next one. And that is after you have spent 2-4 hours waiting for the bus to get filled.

Most times what they use in getting people to fall for their scam is their cheap fare.

One Seat Remain

This can be very tricky. From just a distance you’ll see that the bus is almost full and you’ll rush to make payment to be the lucky one to get the last seat. Before you know it one or two persons will alight and tell you ‘abeg I dey come now now.’ Unsuspecting you will accept and patiently wait. Thirty minutes gone and they’re not back.

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Funnily enough, the person who seems to be the owner or driver will start lamenting, ‘for where this people go? Bus go leave them comot o,’ just to calm your nerves. You might even find yourself telling him to wait a lil bit more. 0Once a real passenger comes, they’ll gladly give the seat out. By then you would have spent 3 hours cruising on your, ‘one seat remain’ luck.

The next one is what I call…

Na Dia Load Be This

These guys would fill up Ghana-Must-Go bags and place them on top of the bus to convince true travellers that the bus is already full. When you complain, they will say, ‘people wey dey bus dey come, na dia load be dis.’ And you’ll just feel relaxed not knowing you’re being tricked. Some decent ones just tell the lies with waybill items as a cover-up.

One In One Out

This is one of their most popular tricks. If you’re someone who travels a lot, you will notice that sometimes when once you enter some of these busses someone goes down almost immediately.

If you happen to be the first real passenger, just know you are in for a long wait. Those people are great actors.

I Dey Go Now Now

This scenario is quite common with both the inter-state travels and within the state. At the top of his voice, you’ll hear the conductor shouting, ‘banye ka m mme mgbachapu ojoo,’ or ‘enter enter I dey go now now.’ Then you quickly enter thinking the bus would leave within a few seconds.

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While you’re sitting there, the driver keeps moving in a slow-motion as if he’s about to drive off. By the time you look up, you find out that you’re parked just a few metres from the park while the conductor keeps beckoning on potential passengers because ‘bus n’apu kita kita’ (the bus will leave immediately).

This is how you will remain there until the bus is filled up.

The worse part is when you try to go down, the driver immediately starts the bus and moves another small distance, when you guys feel relaxed, he turns it off again.

Passenger Transfer

This one is like an everyday event. After asking the driver if he’ll get to your destination, he tells you yes with all confidence. But when you get to the middle of your journey, he tells you, ‘Oya come down come enter this motor.’ No matter what you say or do, he does not feel any remorse or apologize for the inconvenience.

They always have a trick up their sleeve. After all, man must chop.

One way you can avoid being scammed like this is to take a good look at the already seated people on the bus.

Sometimes the dust on their feet is all you need to know they are fake.
However, the ultimate way is to use busses that have a name and image they want to protect.

There are many more bus park scams. You can share your experience in the comment section and how you evaded them.

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